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Keeping your hands safe means you can make the most of your time with friends and whānau.

Protecting your hands at work is important, not just so you can avoid injury (ouch!) but so you can continue to spend time doing the things you enjoy in life!

Why hands?

In the rush of our daily lives, we can forget to protect one of our most valuable tools – our hands. We work hard to keep you safe at work. Last year though, a quarter of the injuries our workforce experienced were to their hands. Hand injuries most often happen when people are in a rush, distracted, or on auto pilot. Hand injuries are common, but easily avoidable.

Types of hand injuries

Cuts & scrapes

From box cutters, knives, sharp objects, and wires.


From when something heavy falls trapping your hand or bumping your hand against objects.

Strains & sprains

From reaching, lifting heavy things and repetitive movements.

How to prevent a hand injury

We've come up with a clever acronym to help you remember how to keep your hands SAFE:

By prioritising hand safety, you're not just avoiding injury, but ensuring you have time for moments that matter. Remember the "SAFE" approach - Slow down, be AlertFocusEyes on.