Select Recruitment



Does it cost me to use Select's services?
There is no cost to you for our services.

What is the registration process and how long does it take?
To register, simply complete our registration forms, supply a current CV and photo identification. Feel free to download the forms here and fill them out before you come in to save time. Once you are registered, our specialized consultants will review your CV and will contact you for a meeting or any skills testing as required. If your skills and experience are suited to a role we currently have vacant, the process may be quick! Otherwise, we will keep you in our database, ready to call you as soon as the right role is available.

Do I have to make an appointment to register with Select?
It is recommended that you book an appointment to ensure you are met by the right consultant. Alternatively, you can come in to our offices with your CV and photo ID and register with us at your convenience any weekday between 8.30am and 4.30pm. A consultant may be able to see you after you have registered or it may be necessary to schedule an appointment at a later date.

Do I need a CV?
Yes, CVs provide us with valuable information which helps us match our candidates to the right job!

Can you help me create a CV?

Yes! We offer a full CV consultation service at a competitive price. Contact us to make an enquiry.

Do you advertise all your jobs?
Not always, we initially go through our database to identify suitable candidates. This is why as a job seeker we encourage you to register with us immediately.

If I temp, do you still look at me for permanent work?
Yes, temping is often a good solution while you (and we) look for a suitable permanent job for you. Working for us as a temp also gives you the opportunity to display your skills to us and the client, as well as gaining a wide range of job experiences in a range of roles.

What kind of work do you get?

We cover full time, part time, permanent, temporary and casual positions across all industries. Register with us today to see what opportunities are awaiting you.