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From outplacement services to a full suite of skill and psychometric assessments, we offer a comprehensive range of tailored solutions to help you navigate through business change, make great hires and maintain brand reputation in the market. 

We are committed to delivering results for our clients. We work in true partnership with you and continually strive to strengthen your business by providing value-added recruitment solutions, ensuring we deliver the right people, at the right time.

Psychometric Assessment Service

Psychometric assessments help you identify a candidate's character, working style, and success profile, which is incredibly valuable for your business. These assessments can not only help support you during the candidate attraction phase, they also provide measurement between shortlisted candidates when recruiting and reduce your hiring risk.

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CV Consultation Service

We understand that sometimes organisations need to change, and this may have implications on your people. Restructures can be challenging, and can have an effect on employee morale, which may influence the perception of your employer brand. You can support your people by providing them with the relevant outplacement tools to assist them with securing future opportunities.

At Select, we offer a full CV consultation service to help with this. We consultant with those in need to understand their skills and experiences, in order to deliver a quality CV that will support their next job application.

Your impacted employee(s) receive the following support from us during the CV consultation process:

You want expert, flexible, adaptable and quality staff to enable your business to succeed—we’d like to think we’re the natural choice.

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