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Psychometric Assessments


Psychometric assessments can be an incredibly valuable tool for your business. Whether it be as a means of measurement between shortlisted candidates, during candidate attraction, or to profile an existing Senior Leadership Team, they can help reduce risk and deliver meaningful insights for your organisation.  

Select Recruitment uses a range of psychometric assessment tools within the GeneSys Assessment Catalogue. Blending research with application, Select will add clarity and value to your existing team structure by ensuring the right person is recruited for the job.

The two main assessments administered are detailed as follows: 

Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus: 

This assessment is based on an extensively researched model and is designed to provide an in-depth assessment of the full sphere of human personality. Measuring the fundamental building blocks of personality, they provide insight into how people typically think, feel and interact, in ways that may be productive or counter-productive for your team or organisation.

The assessment is a comprehensive, trait-based evaluation of personality, and sits amongst the most frequently used personality tools for New Zealand organisations. The profile developed from the assessment allows the analyst to evaluate and measure the candidate against key role criteria, including management and leadership competencies.  A candidate-specific report is presented for each candidate. It is interpreted and tailored to the specifications of the job.

Adaptive Reasoning Tests:

Providing insight about a candidate’s ability across verbal, numerical and adaptive reasoning, this assessment utilises the latest advances in computer adaptive testing technology. It tailors itself to the ability level of each respondent by selecting questions that meet content and information specifications. 

These level-appropriate, timed assessments evaluate logic, reasoning and analytical or abstract aptitude. The raw scores are then measured relative to a statistical norm group, to return a percentile result. The results offer insight into the candidate’s level of mental agility and capability commensurate to the role they have applied for.  


This standard pair of assessments is priced at $500 +GST, per candidate.

This price includes: 

For three or more candidate assessments, a volume discount may apply. 

There are also a number of other role specific assessments that may be administered at special request, with pricing tailored on your requirements. All assessments can either be completed by candidates in their own environment, or within a controlled environment at the Select Offices.