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As part of New Zealand's largest recruitment group, you can rest assured that when doing business with us, you will minimise risk and protect your brand in the market. We are experts in managing the end-to-end sourcing and recruitment process, providing you with quality candidates to consider for your permanent vacancy. Talk to us about how we can provide a quality responsive permanent hiring solution for your business .

Industry Expertise

Each member in our team is an experienced, professional recruiter. With almost 40 years of local market intelligence and industry insights,combined with our diverse networks and unparelled recruitment skills, we can connect you with the best talent available. We can help with permanent recruitment in any sector, and have specialist knowledge in the following areas:



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Our recommendation is that you choose to work with us on an exclusive basis for your permanent recruitment needs. We have found that the best results—and the most positive experiences—occur when we can take ownership of your vacancy and the outcome. Exclusivity means a saving in time and money. You deal with one experienced recruiter from Select, protecting your brand in the marketplace to generate the best outcome.

If you are looking to add permanent resources to your business then look no further, we would love to help. Contact us today!